Early Dine at Texas Roadhouse: Waking Up for Steak

You’re up by the crack of noon on a Saturday, still groggy from last night’s karaoke marathon, and your stomach starts rumbling like an angry badger. It’s too early for dinner, but your hunger pangs won’t wait until a respectable dinnertime. Have no fear -Early Dine at Texas Roadhouse has a solution for your predicament. Introducing their early dine menu, specially designed for your off-hour cravings.

The Benefits of Early Dine at Texas Roadhouse

Arrive before the crowds descend

By arriving before 5pm, you’ll beat the ravenous hordes descending upon Early Dine at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. No waiting for a table, no circling the parking lot like a vulture for 15 minutes – just you, your crew, and a prime booth ready for the taking.

Benefits of Early Dine
Benefits of Early Dine

Experience premium service

The staff aren’t yet frazzled from a busy dinner rush, so you’ll get white glove treatment. Your drink will never hit half empty, extra napkins and ketchup bottles will materialize before you even ask, and your server will have enough time to actually chat with you – not just grunt unintelligibly before racing off again.

Soak in the atmosphere

There’s something charming about the Early Dine at Texas Roadhouse when it’s not packed to the rafters. You can actually hear yourself think over the jukebox tunes, carry on a conversation without shouting, and take in all the Texan tchotchkes on the walls that are usually obscured by crowds.

Beat the price hikes

Those early hours often come with deals on appetizers, meals, and drinks. Take advantage of happy hour specials on margaritas and other libations or coupons on your favorite menu items. Your wallet will thank you, even if your waistline doesn’t!

So do yourself a favor and head to Early Dine at Texas Roadhouse before the usual dinner debauchery begins. Your experience will be all the better for the peace and quiet…not to mention the lower bill at the end of your meal!

The Early Dine at Texas Roadhouse Menu

Cheap eats for cheapskates

The Texas Roadhouse Early Dine menu is for those of us too impatient to wait until the standard dinner hour. Or too frugal. At around $6-$10 a plate, you can fill up on Old West fare without emptying your wallet.

Cheap eats for cheapskates

Peanuts and rolls to start

As soon as you sit down, the staff bring out hot rolls with cinnamon butter and a bucket of peanuts. Shell the peanuts and toss the shells on the floor – it’s all part of the “experience.” Just watch out, those rolls are highly addictive.

Steaks for the budget-conscious

If you thought you couldn’t afford steak on a budget, think again. The 6 oz sirloin or 5 oz chopped steak will satisfy any carnivore for under $10. They’re no filet mignon, but with a loaded baked potato or fries on the side, who’s complaining?

Steaks for the budget

Fuxin’s and sides galore

No Texas Roadhouse meal is complete without fixing’s like fried pickles, chili, or a salad. And sides like baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice or veggies are included with your entrée.

Kids and those with smaller appetites

The menu has options for kids and lighter eaters too, like chicken tenders, sliders, or a bowl of chili. But with free peanuts and rolls, there’s a chance the little ones may fill up before the main event!

Kids with smaller appetites

So for a fun, filling meal that won’t break the bank, head to Texas Roadhouse for an early dine. Just don’t wear your Sunday best, or those peanut shells will stick to your fancy duds!


Do I have to wear a cowboy hat to eat here?

No, pardner, cowboy hats are optional. While the servers and decor may make you feel like you’ve moseyed into the Wild West, Texas Roadhouse has a come-as-you-are vibe. You’ll see everything from cowboy boots to sweatpants. The only dress code is: must love steak.

Are the rolls really that good?

The rumors are true, those Cinnamon Honey Butter Rolls will ruin you for all future rolls. Warm, soft dough smothered in cinnamon, honey, and butter—you’ll be licking your fingers and asking for more. Consider this a public service announcement: pace yourself, don’t fill up on rolls or you won’t have room for the main attraction.

How big are the portions?

In the spirit of everything being bigger in Texas, portion sizes at Early Dine at Texas Roadhouse are, shall we say, ample. A single entree could easily feed two average adults, maybe three if you get sides to share. If you have a hearty appetite, you’ll leave full and happy. If not, ask for a to-go box right away or plan to split a meal with your dining companion. The good news is, with portions this generous, you’ll have delicious leftovers for tomorrow.

What’s the deal with the line dancing?

Part of the charm at Texas Roadhouse is the impromptu line dancing. At any given time, a spirited group of patrons and staff may break into a choreographed country dance number. Feel free to clap or whoop in encouragement. While participation is always optional, kick up your heels and join in if the mood strikes! The dances are easy to pick up and all part of the lively, fun-loving ambiance.

How to Take Advantage of Early Dine Hours at Texas Roadhouse

Ever get a hankering for piping hot rolls and tender steak at the crack of dawn? Neither have we. But if you do find yourself with a premature appetite for all things Texas Roadhouse before the lunch rush descends, you’re in luck. Their “Early Dine” hours, open daily from 11 am to 3 pm, are the perfect time to satisfy your inner carnivore.

Beat the Crowds

There’s nothing worse than waiting an hour for a table while your stomach eats itself. During Early Dine at Texas Roadhouse, you can saunter right in, grab your preferred booth in the corner, and get your fill of buttery rolls without the usual cacophony of screaming kids and obnoxious large parties surrounding you.

Beat the Crowds at Texas

Cheaper Cuts

Feeling frugal? The lunch menu features smaller cuts of steak like the 6 oz sirloin or chopped steak, as well as casual fare like sandwiches, salads, and burritos. Even the full-size cuts are slightly discounted. Hey, every dollar saved is another dollar toward dessert.

Leave Room for Peach Cobbler

Speaking of dessert, Early Dine gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in Early Dine at Texas Roadhouse’s signature homemade peach cobbler, topped with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, of course. There’s no need to share—your secret’s safe with us. Go on, you deserve it. Early Dine is all about living your best life, judgment-free.

So next time you get a hankering for hot rolls before noon, don’t fight it. Head to Early Dine at Texas Roadhouse, grab your favorite booth, order up a hearty steak, and savor every bite of that peach cobbler. We won’t tell.


And that’s how the early bird gets the sirloin. Maybe you’ll never look at the early dinner crowd the same way again now that you know the secrets of getting first dibs on rolls and ribs. Sure, you could keep hitting snooze and dragging your sorry self to Early Dine at Texas Roadhouse right before closing. But why settle for scraps when you could be living large with early dine? Take a chance and set that alarm a little earlier tomorrow. Get up, get dressed, and get to Roadhouse while the getting’s good.

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