Texas Roadhouse Family Meals $35

You waltz through the doors of Texas Roadhouse Family Meals $35, boots clicking on the peanut shells covering the floor. The smell of sizzling steak wafts through the air as you eye the neon cactus glowing above the bar. Your stomach rumbles in anticipation of the Family Meals deal. For just $35, you can feed your clan with an entree, sides, salad, and rolls. It’s time to saddle up to some serious savings, partner. Yeehaw! Slap on your Stetson and Mosey on down for buckets of buttery rolls, mountains of mashed potatoes, and slabs of fall-off-the-bone ribs

Texas Roadhouse’s Family Meal Deals

Feeding the Whole Herd for Under $40

Let’s face it: taking the whole family out for a meal these days can cost you an arm and a leg. But Texas Roadhouse has your back with their family meal deals for under $40. You’ll get a hearty meal to satisfy even your hungriest kin without filing for bankruptcy.

Family Meal Deals

Meaty Main Events

We’re talking fall-off-the-bone ribs, hand-cut steaks, and made-from-scratch sides. Options include:

  • A half rack of juicy BBQ ribs with two sides for $19.99.
  • A 12-ounce sirloin and a half chicken with two sides for $24.99.
  • A pound of pulled pork and a half rack of ribs with two sides for $29.99. ###Sides to Share
  •  And you’ll have your pick of shareable sides like:
  • House Salad
  • Baked potato
  • Rice
  • Veggies

Something for Everyone

With menu options like ribs, steak, chicken, and pulled pork, there’s bound to be something for even your pickiest eater. And if the little ones prefer hot dogs or mac and cheese, Texas Roadhouse has those, too, for just $5.99.

A Sweet Ending

The family meal is complete with dessert. Choose from:

  • A shareable chocolate or caramel brownie for $7.99.
  • Hand-dipped milkshakes or root beer floats for $5.99.
  • Fresh-baked rolls with cinnamon butter for $4.99.

So, round up the crew and Mosey over to Texas Roadhouse for a family meal they will remember. After all, everything’s bigger in Texas!

What’s Included in the $35 Family Meal Deal

So, you’ve rounded up the fam for a night out at Texas Roadhouse Family Meals $35. You’re already salivating at the thought of those hand-cut steaks and homemade sides. But with a gaggle of growing kids and bottomless teenage appetites to feed, you need serious bang for your buck.

Never fear, the $35 Family Meal Deal is here!

For a mere $35, you’ll get an entire meal to feed four hungry cowpokes. We’re talking four entrées, two sides to share, and four drinks.

Now we’re talking value

Steak options include six or 8-ounce sirloins or 4-ounce chicken breasts for the little ones.

And the sides – oh, the sides! Mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, rice, you name it. The possibilities are as endless as a Texas horizon.

No Texas Roadhouse experience is complete without their signature honey cinnamon butter.

You’ll get a tub of that sweet, creamy decadence for your rolls. And to wash it all down, choices include soft drinks, iced tea, milk, or juice. All this feeding frenzy for just $35? You all come on down, you hear! Your wallet and your waistline may regret it, but your taste buds won’t. For a flavor-packed, budget-friendly family meal, the Texas Roadhouse $35 Family Meal Deal just can’t be beaten. Saddle up, partners; it’s show time!

Tips for Getting the Most Value from Your Family Meal

Go big or go home

You didn’t come to Texas Roadhouse for a dainty little meal, now did you? This is the place for unapologetic portions and belt-loosening fare. So, don’t skimp out on the sides—double up on those mashed potatoes, rice, and veggies. Get an extra basket of rolls while you’re at it. You can always get a to-go box if you can’t finish it all, but you’ll regret not going all out.

Pace yourself on the peanuts

Those complimentary peanuts they bring out right away are mighty tempting, but don’t fill up on them. As delicious as they are, you want to make sure your appetite is satisfied before the main event arrives. Have a few to snack on, but save room for the actual food. If you go too nutty too early, you’ll end up taking half your entree home in a doggie bag.

Save room for dessert

After polishing off a hearty Roadhouse meal, you may be tempted to throw in the towel. But don’t give up yet—their desserts are worth sticking around for. From mile-high mud pie to hot fudge cake, they offer classic, homemade indulgences to put the perfect sweet ending on your feast. Even if you can only manage a few bites, it’s worth ordering one to share with your dining companions.

Pairing Sides and Desserts with Your Entree Selections

When chowing down on a hearty Texas Roadhouse meal, you’ll want to round out your plate with some classic sides and a sweet ending. Here are a few cheeky pairings to consider:

Sides: Go Big or Go Home

Why get a sad single side when you can double down on your favorites? Load up your plate with buttery mashed potatoes AND baked sweet potato, or double up on the fresh-cut fries. If veggies are your thing, don’t stop at the house salad—add on creamed spinach, broccoli with cheese, or honey Dijon carrots. You only live once, so carb up and veg out.

Dessert: Save Room for (Part of) the Good Stuff

With portions as giant as a Texas longhorn, you will need more room for a whole dessert after demolishing your entree. But that doesn’t mean you should skip it altogether. Share a hot fudge sundae or a slice of pecan pie with the fam. Or if you’re feeling extra naughty, order a whole dessert just for yourself and pack up part of it to enjoy later. We won’t tell.

The most essential part of any Texas Roadhouse meal is enjoying good company and conversation with friends and family. So, loosen your belt, lean back in your seat, and stay a while—there’s no need to rush through a meal this delicious and filling. Sides, desserts, and all, a Texas Roadhouse family dinner is meant to be savored.

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals $35 FAQ

So, what’s the deal with these family meals anyway?

For $35, you get a whole lot of grub to feed your hungry herd. We’re talking a bucket of hand-cut fries or mashed potatoes, coleslaw or a house salad, honey cinnamon butter, and your choice of two full racks of baby back ribs, a whole roasted chicken, or two pounds of burger patties. It’s not a bad deal if you’ve got a few mouths to feed and don’t feel like doing the dishes.

Two pounds of burger patties? Isn’t that too much?

You’d think so, but have you seen the appetites of most kids these days? Those burgers will disappear faster than you can ask who wants cheese on theirs. If there are leftovers, throw them on the grill for lunch the next day. Nothing wrong with a burger two days in a row, right?

What about the baby’s back ribs or roasted chicken?

You really can go right with both of these options. The ribs are slow-cooked until the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender and coated in TR’s signature BBQ sauce. The roasted chicken is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Both are crowd-pleasers and perfect for feeding bigger groups. The leftovers can also be made into excellent sandwiches, tacos, or noodle soup the next day.

Any pro tips for the family meal?

Here are a few tips to make the most of your $35:

  • Ask for extra BBQ sauce, honey butter, and ranch dressing. More is always better.
  • Add a side of fried pickles, cheese fries, or onion petals. You only live once, people!
  • Get a few pitchers of TR’s homemade lemonade or iced tea. Free refills mean everyone wins.
  • Save room for a full slab of TR’s pecan pie, double chocolate cake, or fresh-baked cookies. Sharing is caring.
  • Ask for a few extra plates and gather the whole crew. The more the merrier, right? These family meals are meant for sharing with your nearest and dearest.
  • Don’t forget a doggy bag! There’s no shame in leftovers. Your future self will thank you.


Well, there you have it, folks. The Texas Roadhouse Family Meals for $35 deal. A veritable bounty of beef, chicken, ribs, and all the fixings to stuff your quarantined clan to the gills for less than it costs to fill your tank these days. Sure, you could slave away in the kitchen trying desperately to satisfy your hangry brood after weeks of homeschooling. But why, when Texas Roadhouse can deliver piles of peanuts, bread, and cinnamon butter right to your doorstep? So, skip the stress of meal planning this week. Just sit back, crack open a cold one, and let Texas Roadhouse satisfy your family’s soul-deep yearning for meat, potatoes, and honey cinnamon butter. Yeehaw!

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