Counting Calories on the Texas Roadhouse Menu in 2024

If you dine out at Texas Roadhouse, you will likely enjoy inner while being conscious of the calories you consume. Checking the nutrition information on the menu items will help you make better selections. This article thoroughly reviews the calories of the most popular meals at Texas Roadhouse in 2024. Here are some tips to make healthier meals and how Texas Roadhouse has evolved its menu to make it more appealing for those with a calorie restriction. Follow this guideline to help you make educated choices tailored to your nutritional needs the next time you visit any Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

Overview of Texas Roadhouse Menu Calories

Texas Roadhouse provides nutritional information on all its menu items so you can make educated selections when dining out. This article outlines the calorie amounts for a few of the menu items that are the most sought-after alternatives to help you stay within your wellness objectives.

Appetizers and Side Dishes

The crispy pickles are packed with 610 calories. A serving of potatoes mashed with gravy has 390 calories. The loaded baked potato, which includes butter, sour cream, bacon, and cheese, contains 910 calories. Pick a salad side dish with a mild dressing and only 220 calories, a low-calorie feature.

Appetizers and Side Dishes


Grilled meat, chicken, and fish are excellent choices for healthy eating. The chicken breast that is grilled has 390 calories. Meanwhile, an 8-ounce sirloin steak contains the equivalent of 460 calories. The blackened catfish contains 500 calories. Ribs and pasta are more in calories. A complete set of baby back ribs that have 1,440 calories. The chicken Alfredo pasta has 1,070 calories.


A Cobb salad with grilled chicken is 700 calories, an iceberg salad with blue cheese dressing contains 840 calories, and the Road Kill salad with grilled chicken is 1,000 calories. If you want a salad with fewer calories, go for the grilled chicken salad, which is 470 calories, or the chicken barbecue salad, which is 580 calories.


Coffee, iced tea, and diet sodas contain between 0 and 5 calories in a glass. The typical Coke contains 140 calories, while a margarita has 334 calories. You can save your calories for meals and select a non or low-calorie beverage with your meal.


If you choose menus with lower calories and limit your portions, you can enjoy a meal at Texas Roadhouse without putting off the health or nutrition objectives you have set. Balance and moderation are essential to enjoying a few moments of indulgence in your favorite restaurant.

Highest Calorie Menu Items at Texas Roadhouse

While dining on the menu at Calories on the Texas Roadhouse Menu, there are specific menu items you should pay attention to when evaluating your calories. A few of the most calorific alternatives are:


The appetizer menu offers a range of choices of fried items with higher calorie amounts, including:

  • Cheese Fries (1,430 calories) The entire portion of fries is garnished with bacon, cheese, and chives.
  • Rattlesnake Bite (1,420 calories) The snack includes fried pickles and jalapenos served with ranch dressing.
  • Fried Pickles (1,060 calories) Pickle chips dill coated with batter and then baked to golden brown.


Although Texas Roadhouse is known for its steaks, some cuts have more calories than others.

  • 20 oz. Porterhouse (1,780 calories): Large cut of steak that includes a strip of steak and filet mignon.
  • 16 oz. T-Bone (1,420 calories) is a significant cut with strip steak and filet.
  • 12 oz. Ribeye (1,230 calories) It is a well-marbled and delicious meat.
  • To reduce calories, select smaller cuts of steak, such as the 6 8 oz. sirloin (540 calories) or the 8 OZ. top sirloin (700 calories)—grill steaks without butter or oils for toppings.


The portions of the Texas Roadhouse are usually quite significant and are designed to be shared. Large portions of food options, such as:

  • House salad (1,110 calories) Includes bacon, cheese, eggs, and dressing.
  • Baked sweet potato (920 calories) The dish is topped with cinnamon sugar butter.
  • Mac and cheese (1,430 calories) Cheese that is creamy and pasta.
  • Consider ordering a portion of the calorie options, like the House Salad (555 calories) or Steamed Broccoli (210 calories). You can also share some of the sides of your party.

Opting for lighter-calorie dishes or a minor cut of steak and limiting your portion of side dishes allows you to have a great dining experience with your family at Texas Roadhouse without maxing out the daily calories. Balance and moderation are the keys to success.

Lower Calorie Options Under 500 Calories


An excellent lower-calorie feature is to go with a salad. Its Grilled Chicken Salad has grilled chicken, mixed greens, vegetables, and cheese with 360 calories. If you want a lighter option, take the Side Salad with Grilled Chicken, 300 calories. The dressings could add calories. Therefore, opt for an easy vinaigrette, limit the quantity, or purchase the dressing on the other side.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is a light protein source. It will fill you up with no excessive calories. The Grilled Chicken Breast has just 300 calories. Combine it with a green or side dish such as Steamed Broccoli (60 calories) or Baked potato (220 calories) to make a nutritious meal of less than 500 calories.

Baked Sweet Potato

Medium-baked sweet potato has only 220 calories. It also contains nutrients to boost digestion and keep you full. Add butter, sour cream bacon, and chives for more flavor. This dish is an excellent complement to a seafood or chicken breast.

Lighter Sides

Pick a light side dish for your dinner. It’s a good idea to choose a lighter side. Steamed broccoli (60 calories), house salad (120 calories), and rice pliable (160 calories) are less than 200 calories each. An accompanying salad of fresh seasonal fruits (around 100 calories) can also be a fantastic selection.

For a quick summary of how to limit your food intake to 500 calories in Texas Roadhouse, opt for the lean choice of barbecued chicken, fresh salad, or fruit, along with a lighter vegetable or salad. Beware of high-calorie condiments that can rapidly improve calories. If you choose a healthy and balanced diet, you can dine at a restaurant without breaking the budget.

Tips for Eating Healthy at Texas Roadhouse

Choose Protein Wisely

Suppose you want a protein to add to your next meal: grill fish, chicken, or sirloin. They are less caloric and have lower saturated fat levels than ribs and burgers. The sirloin steak weighs 6 ounces and has approximately 420 calories. The same amount of baby back ribs has over 1,000 calories and an impressive 33 grams of fat.

Load Up on Sides

Texas Roadhouse is known for its ample side plates, which allow you to take advantage of lower-calorie choices. The house salad, steamed broccoli, baked sweet potato, and green beans are all less than 200 calories. Reduce the amount of high-fat dishes such as cheese fries, fried pickles, and honey butter bread, adding between 500 and 1,000 calories to your meals.

Watch Your Portion

The size of everything is greater everywhere in Texas, including portions. After your meal is served, take half of it to prevent overeating. There is no reason not to bring leftovers home. A typical meal at Texas Roadhouse has between 1000 and 2,000 calories, often more than a typical person’s requirement to eat a dinner.

Limit High-Calorie Drinks and Desserts

Say No to High-Calorie Drinks and Desserts

Only drink a few shakes, margaritas, and huge desserts. A single sundae of brownies in Texas contains 1,680 calories with more than 48 grams of fat. Choose unsweetened iced tea, coffee, or water with lemon or diet soda instead. You can share the dessert or fresh fruit if you want something sweet.

These suggestions and tips allow you to enjoy your favorite Texas Roadhouse fare without busting your calorie budget. Making healthy choices and keeping track of your portions can ensure you don’t overindulge in the next restaurant. By balancing your eating habits, you’ll be able to enjoy your meal without feeling guilty and continue to keep your good habits in check.

FAQs: Counting Calories for Texas Roadhouse Menu

What are the accurate healthy meals?

A few of the most nutritious alternatives in Texas Roadhouse include:

Grilled chicken: A 6 8 oz chicken breast grilled has about 210 calories as well as three grams of fat. It’s a healthy protein that fills you up with enough calories.

Sweet potato baked Medium: A medium-baked sweet potato contains around 150 calories and only 0 calories. It’s a good source of nutrients, vitamins, and fiber.

House salad: A house salad with a low-fat dressing contains approximately 100 calories and two milligrams of fat. Eat a large salad before eating your meals so you don’t overeat.

Green beans: One serving has less than 50 calories and just 0 pounds of fat. They can add volume and nutrition to your food without enough calories.

How do I calculate calories?

For estimating the amount of calories contained included in Texas Roadhouse menu items:

  • Look up the nutritional info available on the Texas Roadhouse website. They favor calories for each of the meals.
  • You are comparing similar products. If nutritional information isn’t readily available and specific to your meal, you can compare it with the same menu item for an estimation. In this case, a 6- 8 oz sirloin with baked potato will have 500-700 calories.
  • Be aware of extras such as bacon, cheese sauces, dressings, and sauces that could add up to 500-100 calories or more. You can ask for extra items to be served on the side so that you have control over the amount you consume.
  • The best general rule is that most steakhouse meals have at least 1,000 calories or higher. If you’re also served an appetizer and calorie calorie-rich sides, the entire meal could include 2,000 or more calories.
  • Take half of the dishes home. Texas Roadhouse’s portions are very generous. Serving a large portion or taking one portion home in a box is a great way to reduce calories by half.

There are many ways you can enjoy Texas Roadhouse without compromising your waistline. Concentrate on lean protein and greens portion sizes that can be shared to make intelligent selections. Make sure to have time for their famous rolls! In small portions of food, it is possible to eat well in a steakhouse.


We’ve seen that the Texas Roadhouse menu offers a diverse selection of choices that can be adapted to diverse tastes and diets by 2024. Though many meals are still high in calories, the chain has also introduced light meals like grilling items, salads, and “lighter options” entrees. It is also possible to create a meal that is lower in calories by selecting lean meats and vegetables and observing sauces. With intelligent options and strict control over portion size, you can locate items suitable for your weight-loss goals on Texas Roadhouse. Take note of other items, such as bread and sugary drinks, that could increase your calories. Some planning and moderate eating is a great way to go. With the correct nutrition information and a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy the Texas Roadhouse favorites while still reaching your fitness goals.

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