Texas Roadhouse Catering: Bring the Steakhouse Experience Home [2024]

As you plan your next party or event, consider bringing the mouth-watering flavors of Texas Roadhouse Catering into your home. On top of their catering service, you can enjoy the hand-cut steaks, bone-in-the-bone ribs, made-from-scratch portions, and innovative rolls that have made Texas Roadhouse a favorite legendary steakhouse in the country all cater to your guests Whether it be the intimate gathering or a large corporate production, their culinary specialists Co will work to create a bespoke menu and provide a unique steakhouse catering experience at w ‘right in your room. Read on to learn more about how Texas Roadhouse Catering can help delight your guests and make planning your next party easier and tastier than ever.

The Taste of Texas Roadhouse Catering at Your Next Event

Taste of Texas Roadhouse Catering

Fresh, Hand-Cut Steaks

Texas Roadhouse Catering is renowned for serving the hottest steaks, cut in residence daily. For your catered occasion, visitors can choose from numerous expertly seasoned and fire-grilled cuts like ribeyes, strips, filets, and roadkill. With catering from Texas Roadhouse, your guests will delight in the taste of our signature hand-cut steaks within the comfort of your selected venue.

Made-From-Scratch Sides

To complement our mouthwatering steaks, we additionally provide a whole lot of homemade side dishes with our catering menu. From baked potatoes to clean salads, inexperienced beans to chili, all of our sides are made in-residence every day with the use of the handiest the highest high-quality, most up-to-date substances. Our signature rolls, baked in residence and served with cinnamon butter, are constantly a crowd-pleaser at any occasion.

A Legendary Experience

Our catering menu captures the welcoming, lively atmosphere Texas Roadhouse is thought for. Your visitors will experience it like they have been transported to an authentic Texas steakhouse, right to your personal occasion area. From our hand-cut steaks and homemade aspects to our signature margaritas and ice-bloodless draft beers, Texas Roadhouse catering supplies a mythical enjoyment to any event. Let our catering professionals assist you craft a custom menu for your next company assembly, wedding ceremony, or unique occasion. We aim to create an unforgettable enjoy for you and your guests.

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Signature Menu Items Perfect for Catering

Perfect for Catering

Exceptional Beef Selections

Texas Roadhouse is famous for its hand-reduced steaks, elderly and pro to perfection. For catering, we provide generous quantities of our top-rate red meat options, including ribeyes, strips, and filets. Our 24-ounce porterhouse steak is right for sharing. We also feature chicken, pork chops, and grilled shrimp for non-red meat alternatives.

Hearty Sides

What’s a steak without scrumptious aspects? We offer traditional steakhouse aspects in big portions best for catering, inclusive of baked potatoes, candy potatoes, house salad, and inexperienced beans. Our homemade yeast rolls are usually a favorite. For something unique, attempt the fried pickles, okra, or mushrooms.

Scrumptious Desserts

End your meal on a sweet note with Texas Roadhouse’s signature cakes. Our cinnamon butter apple pie, pecan pie, and cheesecake can be purchased with the aid of a slice or entire pie. For smaller organizations, character-sized dessert photographs like banana pudding or pecan pie are a first-rate option.

With loads of super menu items prepared clean in residence, Texas Roadhouse catering brings the memorable steakhouse experience to any occasion. Our quantities are tailor-made for sharing, and we work with you to create a custom menu within your budget. For your next unique occasion, choose the caterer devoted to Legendary Food, Legendary Service.®

How to Order and Customize Your Texas Roadhouse Catering

To order Texas Roadhouse catering for your next occasion, you have numerous options to select from and several approaches to customize your order. First, determine whether you need to reserve an entrée package deal or create your menu. Entrée programs encompass a predetermined choice of entrées, sides, and desserts to feed no less than 10 or 20 humans. Alternatively, you can handpick unique menu gadgets to create a customized order.

Selecting Entrées

Texas Roadhouse is famous for hand-reduced steaks, so you can’t move incorrect selection from their steak alternatives like ribeyes, strips, or filets. They additionally provide fish fry ribs, bird, seafood, and plant-primarily based burger patties. You will need to specify how you need the steaks cooked and offer a depend for every choice. For the very best, do not forget their USDA Choice or Prime cuts of beef.

Choosing Sides

What’s a steak without scrumptious facets? Texas Roadhouse has all the classics like baked potatoes, candy potatoes, corn on the cob, green beans, chili, salads, and rolls. Their signature aspects consist of cinnamon honey butter rolls, chili, and a house salad with homemade ranch dressing. You have to order a whole lot of facets to delight all of your guests.

Adding Desserts

End your Texas Roadhouse catering on candy be aware together with one of their signature desserts like Pecan Pie, Double Chocolate Brownie, or Cheesecake. They additionally provide cookie and brownie trays to proportion. Providing a dessert relies on variety so each tourist gets their mini factor.


With such lots of enticing alternatives for bringing the steakhouse home through Texas Roadhouse catering, your guests are nice to leave satisfied. Place your order at least seventy-two hours in advance to make certain the most up-to-date, most pleasant substances and the high-quality provider for your precise event.


As you can see, Texas Roadhouse Catering offers a manner to supply the flavors and amusement of the eating place in your home or event. With customizable programs in their famous steaks, ribs, factors, and rolls, you may effectively feed a crowd without spending hours in the kitchen. Their crew will deal with all the prep and transport, leaving you more time to relax and experience time together with your guests. Whether planning a huge party or an intimate dinner party, keep in mind letting Texas Roadhouse Catering offers the ideal cuts of meat and delicious sides. With wonderful components and signature flavors, they deliver a genuine steakhouse experience you and your traffic will be proud of.

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