Texas Roadhouse Menu Drinks: From Marg to Moonshine

You’re hankering for a steak and some whiskey, so you mosey on down to your local Texas Roadhouse Menu Drinks. As you brush the sawdust off your boots, your eyes drift over to the bar, where all manner of libations await to wash down that 18 oz sirloin. From margaritas made with real lime juice to craft cocktails featuring Tito’s Handmade Vodka, the Texas Roadhouse drink menu aims to please with something for every taste.

Signature Cocktails at Texas Roadhouse

The Patriot Margarita

Forget any notions of fruity beach drinks – this margarita means business. Tequila, triple sec, and sour mix are liberally poured over ice and garnished with an American flag pick. One of these and you’ll be proclaiming your undying love for apple pie in no time.

The Patriot Margarita
Patriot Margarita

Kentucky Mule

The Moscow Mule gets a Southern twist with bourbon standing in for vodka. Ginger beer and lime provide the familiar mule kick, with a mint sprig for good measure. A stiff, refreshing choice for washing down those ribs.

Prairie Fire

If you like your drinks with a bit of heat, the Prairie Fire will set you right. Tequila and Tabasco sauce are married in a spicy union, mellowed slightly with lime and orange juice. Not for the faint of heart, but guaranteed to put some hair on your chest. With a selection ranging from fruity and refreshing to smoky and searing, the Texas Roadhouse Menu Drinks has a cocktail with your name on it. Belly up to the bar and don’t be afraid to push your limits – that’s what the peanuts are for. Just be sure to grab some grub to balance it all out. Your stomach will thank you, even if your head doesn’t.

Prairie Fire

Non-Alcoholic Beverages on the Menu

If you’re the designated driver or just not in the mood for something stiff, Texas Roadhouse has you covered. Their selection of soft drinks is what you’d expect – Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, iced tea, lemonade – except they throw in some cheeky variety with Big Red, Cheerwine, and Sun Drop—feeling nostalgic for your childhood? Indulge in a frosty root beer float.

Shakes and Slushes

In the mood to treat yourself? Their hand-dipped milkshakes and slushes will hit the spot. Choose from chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or Oreo cookies for a shake thick enough to require a spoon. Prefer something icy? Slurp down a strawberry, blue raspberry, or piña colada slush.

Shakes and Slushes

Coffee and Tea

After a big steak dinner, you’ll need a pick-me-up. Good thing they offer bottomless cups of coffee, hot tea, and iced tea to keep you perky. Their “cowboy coffee” is strong enough to stand up to any dessert. If caffeine’s not your friend, a variety of herbal teas can soothe your soul.

Coffee and Tea

With all these options, your group’s kiddos and abstemious will stay well hydrated. And at Texas Roadhouse, there’s no extra charge for feeling righteous about your virtuous beverage choice. Now pass the rolls, please!


Do I have to eat like a Texan to enjoy the drinks?

Not at all. While the restaurant may be an ode to the Lone Star State, the bar menu has something for everyone. Whether you’re a lightweight or aspire to outdrink a cowboy, they’ve got you covered.

Are the margaritas any good?

If you consider margaritas that could knock out a horse “good,” then yes. Their signature ‘Ritas comes in 20-ounce glasses and packs a serious punch. The classics like strawberry, peach, and mango will make you see stars—and possibly tumbleweeds. For teetotalers, they also offer ‘Rita lookalikes in their “Mockarita” section.

What about beer? Is it all Texan?

Surprisingly no. While they do feature local craft beers, they also have a range of national brands on draft and in bottles. That means you can pair your sirloin with an ice-cold Bud, sip a Sam Adams on the patio, or go wild with one of their giant 100-ounce “Beeritas.”

I’m more of a moonshine person. Do they have any?

Well, aren’t you a rebel! You’ll be pleased to know they offer two kinds of moonshine. Their Midnight Moon blackberry and peach flavors are perfect for shooters, or you can add them to lemonade or iced tea for a kick. Just take it slow, outlaw.

In all seriousness, whether you’re craving a fruity cocktail, an ice-cold beer, or a shot of ‘shine, the drinks menu at Texas Roadhouse has something to quench any thirst. The servings are as big as the state itself, so make sure you’ve got a designated driver! After a few rounds here you may find yourself belting out “Deep in the Heart of Texas” at the top of your lungs. But that, dear readers, is a story for another time!

Unique Drink Offerings: Moonshine, Margaritas and More

At Texas Roadhouse, they don’t just splash a little tequila and triple sec together and call it a margarita. Oh no, their signature margaritas pack a punch with flavors like strawberry, mango, and peach. But if margaritas aren’t your thing, they’ve got you covered with a full bar including specialty cocktails and a generous selection of American whiskeys, bourbons, and moonshines.

Margaritas and More

Are you feeling adventurous? Try the Blackberry Shine, made with homemade blackberry moonshine, lemonade, and a splash of grenadine. One sip of this refreshingly tart and not-too-sweet concoction will have you shouting “Yeehaw!”. For those with a sweet tooth, the Salted Caramel Whiskey combines Maker’s Mark bourbon, salted caramel, and a touch of cream for an indulgent treat.


So, there you have it, folks—a tour through the wild frontier of Texas Roadhouse’s liquid libations. From fruity margaritas to moonshine with a kick, their drinks menu aims to please. Just don’t blame us for the wicked hangover or embarrassing karaoke performance after one too many. In the wise words of Willie Nelson, “Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over.” But we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether to heed that advice. The drinks await, partner. Just don’t overdo it, lest you find yourself face down in the dirt come sunrise. Happy trails!

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