Texas Roadhouse Specials: Bigger Portions, Better Deals

You stumble through the doors of Texas Roadhouse Specials, the smell of country-fried steak and yeast rolls filling your nostrils. Your stomach growls and reminds you why you’re here – for those sweet, sweet specials. Texas Roadhouse is known for its generous portions, and its Monday and Tuesday specials take it up a notch. Get ready to loosen that belt buckle as you dive into juicy burgers, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and sides aplenty. 

Texas Roadhouse’s Tantalizing Specials Menu

Appetizers that’ll Leave You Wanting More

Texas Roadhouse’s appetizers are hearty enough to be meals in themselves, but that won’t stop you from devouring a full slab of ribs afterward. The fried pickles are breaded dill chips fried to a golden crisp and served with a side of ranch for dipping. If you prefer your pickle spears au natural, get the classic pickle chips. For the Tex-Mex inclined, the queso and chips are smoky cheese dip with warm tortilla chips.

Tantalizing Specials Menu

Steaks Worth Their Weight in Silver (or at Least Market Price)

You can’t go wrong with any of Texas Roadhouse’s hand-cut steaks, from the 6 or 8-ounce sirloin to the 20-ounce porterhouse. While the ribeye is deliciously marbled, the fillet is the most tender. Not in the mood for red meat? There’s salmon, catfish, and chicken with all the fixings. All entrees come with your choice of two sides like a baked potato, sweet potato, salad, or green beans.

Leave Room for Their Famous Rolls and Cinnamon Butter

Even if you’re too stuffed for dessert after polishing off your entree, don’t pass up Texas Roadhouse’s fresh-baked rolls. Light, fluffy rolls arrive at your table with cinnamon butter for slathering. Close your eyes and let the smell of the cinnamon and melted butter transport you. The rolls alone are worth the trip.

Cinnamon Butter

While Texas Roadhouse is known for generous portions, overindulging is all too easy. Pace yourself by splitting some appetizers, choosing a smaller cut of steak, and taking some of those rolls to go. Your waistline and wallet will thank you.

Limited Time Offers: Seasonal and Holiday Specials at Texas Roadhouse

Surf and Turf: Because You’re Worth It

If the size of the steak alone doesn’t scream decadence, the Surf and Turf special surely will. We’re talking an 8 oz sirloin paired with grilled shrimp for under $20.

Limited Time Offers

Ribeye and Shrimp: A Match Made in Heaven

Some things are just meant to be, like peanut butter and jelly, or bacon and eggs. The ribeye and shrimp special is a culinary match made in heaven. Tender, juicy ribeye meets plump, garlic-buttery shrimp. Can you say swoon? At $15.99, now’s the time to make this dream duo a reality.

Fall Flavors: Pumpkin, Apples and Bourbon

When cooler weather hits, Texas Roadhouse brings on the fall flavors. Think pumpkin pie milkshakes, apple butter pork chops, and Jim Beam bourbon steak. Warm up with a slice of pecan or pumpkin pie for dessert. Fall may be fleeting, but the memories (and extra pounds) from devouring these seasonal specials will last you all year.

Fall Flavors

The seasonal and holiday specials at Texas Roadhouse are perfect excuses to overindulge without overspending. Treat yourself to something special, you’ve earned it! And don’t forget a round of honey butter croissants to start – your waistline will thank you. Or not. But hey, you only live once!

Ongoing Lunch and Dinner Deals to Take Advantage Of

Two for $22 When You’re Feeling Peckish

Why commit to just one entree when you can have two? Texas Roadhouse’s Two for $22 deal lets you and a friend (or just your very hungry self) choose two delicious meals from a list of hand-cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, hand-breaded chicken, and more. Just $22 covers it all—two full-size entrees and your choice of two sides to share. If there’s any room left for dessert after plowing through all that food, they’ve got you covered there too with half-price appetizers during happy hour and 50% off any dessert.

Two for $22

Kids Eat Free So You Can Enjoy Your Meal in Peace

Any parent knows that the only thing better than a steak dinner out is a steak dinner out where your kids’ meals are free. Texas Roadhouse’s Kids Eat Free deal (for kids 10 and under) means you can enjoy your meal without breaking the bank or having to share your food with little hands grabbing at your plate. The kid’s menu features kid faves like cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, and grilled cheese, and includes a side and drink. While the kids are distracted by coloring sheets and stickers, you can eat your meal at a leisurely pace and maybe even have an uninterrupted conversation.

Early Diner Deals: Less Crowds, More Savings

Want to beat the dinner rush crowds and save a few bucks? Texas Roadhouse’s Early Diner menu features a selection of steaks, ribs, chicken, and fish at a discount when you dine before 6 pm. You’ll get $1 off any 6 oz. sirloin, $2 off Bacon Wrapped Filets and Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs.

Early Diner Deals

They’re also taking $3 off Hawaiian Chicken and $4 off 12 oz. ribeyes. With deals this good, you’ll want to get there when they open to take advantage of the big savings and smaller crowds. The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the ribeye!

Money-Saving Tips: How to Get the Best Texas Roadhouse Specials

So you want to fill up on fall-off-the-bone ribs and hand-cut steaks at Texas Roadhouse without emptying your wallet. We get it—those signature rolls and peanuts add up.

Early Bird Gets the (Special) Worm

Show up before 6 pm on weekdays or 5 pm on weekends to take advantage of Texas Roadhouse’s Early Dine specials. You’ll get $1 off most entrees, $2 off ribs, and $3 off steaks. Hey, every dollar counts when you’re trying to save room for that smoked sausage.

Best Texas Roadhouse Specials

Join the Roadies

Sign up to become a “Roadie” on Texas Roadhouse’s website or app and you’ll get a free appetizer just for joining, plus exclusive weekly offers and a free birthday steak. They’ll also load you up with coupons for future visits. The only catch is you have to use their app to pay to redeem the offers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Sub

Feeling hungry but want to keep the bill low? Substitute a side for a house salad or baked potato instead of fries. You’ll still get your fill but won’t have to shell out the extra $3 to $5 for a loaded baked potato. And don’t forget, sides of veggies, rice, and house salads are bottomless. Get your fill for one low price.

Save Room for the “Extras”

With Texas Roadhouse’s portions, you’ll have plenty left over for tomorrow. But if you do have room for dessert, keep in mind that many are half-price or buy-one-get-one after 8 pm. And of course, there are the legendary rolls—free with every meal and hot out of the oven. Fill up on extras and you’ll be waddling out with a full belly and money left in your wallet.

By timing your visit right, signing up for their rewards program, substituting cheaper sides, and taking advantage of half-price deals, you’ll be enjoying Texas Roadhouse’s Southern comfort food for less. Your belly and your budget will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Texas Roadhouse Specials

Why are the portion sizes so huge?

In Texas, everything is bigger, especially the appetites. Texas Roadhouse aims to fill you up and fuel you for a day of ranching or whatever it is Texans do. Their motto seems to be “too much is not enough.” If you’re not rolling out the door in a food coma, they haven’t done their job. Hope you’re hungry!

Do they give free peanuts?

Yes, and they want you to make a mess. The peanuts are meant to be cracked open and the shells tossed on the floor. It’s all part of the “experience.” Just watch out for peanut shells in your booth seat—they have a way of getting into all the cracks and crevices.

What’s up with the line dancing?

In between scarfing down your loaded baked potato and 20-ounce porterhouse, you may witness random line dancing from customers and staff. The venue encourages patrons to kick up their heels to the upbeat country music. Feel free to join in and show off your moves, or just sit back and enjoy the spectacle along with a cold beer.

Why is there always a wait?

With portions the size of a small continent and prices that won’t break the bank, Texas Roadhouse has amassed a loyal following. People flock for the lively atmosphere, nostalgic country vibe, and belly-busting meals. Unless you go at an off-time, be prepared to put your name on the list, grab some peanuts, and settle in—your table will be ready in about 45 minutes to an hour. Or longer on weekends. 


You emerge from the meal feeling like you just wrestled a grizzly bear. Your jeans are uncomfortably tight and your belt is begging for mercy. But hey, you got your money’s worth. Texas Roadhouse gave you a trough-load of food for a song, and you ate every last bite. Sure, you’ll need to hibernate for a week to digest it all, but that pile of peanut shells at your feet proves you conquered the challenge.

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