Texas Roadhouse Hours: Fueling Up for a Late-Night Hoedown

Well, howdy there, partner! Feeling a might puckish for some down-home grub but don’t know if your local Texas Roadhouse watering hole is still serving up their vittles. Don’t worry, we got you covered. We’re fixed in’ to lasso you up a heaping helping of info on Texas Roadhouse hours so you can chow down on some finger lick in’ good eats no matter the time of day or night. Saddle up and mosey on in as we explore all you need to know to avoid that late-night grumbling in your tumbling tum.

Texas Roadhouse Hours Vary by Location

If you’re looking to bust out your best cowboy boots and 10-gallon hat for an evening of country cooking’ and line dancing at your local Texas Roadhouse Hours, you’ll want to check their hours first. Location is everything, pardner because closing time can vary by over an hour between restaurants.

Vary by Location

Some Close as Early as 9 pm

While city slickers in New York City and Los Angeles can saddle up until midnight, small-town cowpokes often have to mosey on out by 9 pm sharp. The thrill of an ice-cold schooner of beer and a basket of hot rolls with cinnamon butter loses some luster once the sun goes down in the sticks.

Big Cities Mean Later Hours

If you’re an urban cowboy in Dallas, Houston, or Austin, you’ll be happy to know most locations keep the good times and grilled sirloins rolling until at least 10 pm Sunday through Thursday and 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. A few big-city late-night locations even offer hours until midnight every night of the week for you night owls and bar-crawlers looking to avoid the inevitable hangover in the morning.

Big Cities Mean Later Hours

No matter the location, one thing’s for certain: the doors will be open by at least 4 pm so you can belly up to the bar for a pre-dinner cocktail and stake out your seat for the dinner rush. While the hours may come and go, you can always count on Texas Roadhouse’s dedication to large portions, live country music, and an atmosphere where any occasion calls for a celebratory holler or two. Saddle up and head on over – just check those hours first, partner!

Night Dining is Available at Select Texas Roadhouse Restaurants

If your idea of a good time includes a hearty meal at an ungodly hour, you’re in luck. Certain Texas Roadhouse locations keep the good times and grills rolling late into the evening.

For you night owls craving a slab of ribs or a juicy steak after the bewitching hour, a handful of Texas Roadhouse joints offer full menus until the wee hours of the morning. We’re talking 1 or 2 am for your rebellious types who scoff at reasonable dining hours. Throw on your best cowboy boots and hat and mosey on over for a late-night hoedown.

Night Dining is Available

Not every outpost of this Western-themed chain keeps such rebel hours, so check with your local restaurant to see if they offer full service after midnight before saddling up. If they do, belly on up to the bar for a cold one and stake your claim on some vittles. While away the night with live music, line dancing, and all the peanuts you can shell.

FAQs Texas Roadhouse Hours and More

What are the Texas Roadhouse hours?

Texas Roadhouse is open whenever you’re hankering for hand-cut steaks and line-dancing strikes—which if we’re being honest, is pretty much all the time. Most locations are open from around 11 am to 11 pm Sunday through Thursday and 11 am to midnight on Friday and Saturday. Some restaurants stay open even later, until 1 or 2 am, for all you night owls and late-night revelers. The bars at most Texas Roadhouses are open until 1:30 am every night of the week in case you want to saddle up for an after-dinner drink.

Do they take reservations?

Nope, Texas Roadhouse is first come, first served. They don’t take reservations, so if you’ve got a hankering for their rolls and honey cinnamon butter on a Friday night, best get there before the dinner rush. Unless you like waiting an hour for a table while awkwardly two-stepping around the entrance, that is.

How’s the food?

The food is deliciously indulgent. We’re talking hand-cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, made-from-scratch sides like cheesy corn and fried pickles, and desserts that should come with a side of insulin. Is it gourmet? Heck no. Is the Peanut Bucket worth every single calorie? Heck yes. The rolls alone are worth the visit. Just make sure to pack your fat pants and loosen your belt a notch or two.

Can I line dance there?

You bet your boots you can! The wait staff give free line dancing lessons between serving up vittles, and there’s a dance floor open for anyone who wants to show off their moves. From the Boot Scooting Boogie to the Tush Push, you can kick up your heels any night of the week at Texas Roadhouse. Even if you have two left feet, after a few rolls and a margarita or two, you’ll be swinging your partner round and round like a pro. Yeehaw!.


So, there you have it, buckaroos. Texas Roadhouse is the place to go when your spurs start itching’ for a rodeo-worthy meal, no matter the time of day or night. With generous portions, affordable prices, and downhome hospitality, they aim to please. Just mosey on in whenever a hankering hit for fall-off-the-bone ribs or hand-cut steaks, belly up to the bar for some cactus juice, and get ready to kick up your heels. Yeehaw! With hours designed to accommodate night owls, early birds, and every cowpoke in between, Texas Roadhouse is always open to wrangle your appetite.

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