Which Texas Roadhouse Takeout Menu Items Are Gluten-Free?

You go toward the Texas Roadhouse host’s stand, drooling, stomach complete because of the fragrant smell of fresh-cut steaks bubbling in the barbecue. However, then the worst happens. The seats are booked over the next 2 hours, and you’re bound to die amid hunger. Be assured you’re not alone. Although their freshly baked bread and ribs that melt in your mouth may be tempting to sit and wait, you need. This guide will teach you how to get takeaway from their menu and satisfy your hunger for Roadhouse delights from the convenience at home. Following the proper guidelines, you’ll eat with their signature rolls and cold beers without waiting. Get yourself in the saddle and prepare to discover everything you have to know about one of the finest takeaway options Texas Roadhouse has to offer.

Overview of Texas Roadhouse Takeout Menu

Do you need a fix of ribs that fall off the bone and freshly cut steaks but don’t feel like battling to get a table? No worries, Texas Roadhouse Takeout Menu is here to help with takeout with their menu.

A Meaty Selection

You’ll discover plenty of meat on this menu. From slow-cooked ribs, brisket, and ribs to vast chunks of prime rib and T-bone, they’ve packed their takeaway menu with more than a bull in a rodeo. There are also pork chops, chicken, and sausage for those less carnivores. Don’t expect dainty everything’s bigger in Texas, remember?

A Meaty Selection

Sides to Satisfy

What’s the best steak without some fixings? Pack your takeaway bag with sweet potatoes, rice, coleslaw, or salad. Are you feeling decadent? Include a plate of fried pickles, okra or mushrooms, and cheese fries. Your waistline and heart might be slightly disappointed, but your taste buds will not be.

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Something for Everyone

Although the menu is centered around the hearty and home-cooked food that is served, there are plenty of options for diverse diets and flavors. Gluten-free? Check. Vegan or vegetarian? Surprisingly, check. Are you watching your body? You can choose from salads, grilled fish, and chicken. Menu for kids? You betcha. If you want to eat something delicious and comforting, the Texas Roadhouse takeout menu aims to delight you.


Put on your shoes, take out the takeaway, and relish an authentic taste of Lone Star State right at your table. Please do yourself a favor by saving the room for their pecan pie made from scratch. Your sweet tooth will be grateful for it!

Top Takeout Entrees at Texas Roadhouse

Ribs: Lip-Smackin’ Good

The ribs at Texas Roadhouse that fall off the bone are famed. You can get a complete rack of their soft baby back ribs or become the carnivore of the world and take on the giant beef ribs. Whatever you choose, you go; the smoke from the hickory wood and their signature BBQ sauce will leave the guests licking their fingers while fighting over any bones left.


Hand-Cut Steaks: A Cowboy’s Dream

Whether you’re a fillet mignon lover or a ribeye fan, Texas Roadhouse has premium-cut steaks aged by hand to perfection. The steaks are cooked over an open flame and served with garlic-herbed butter. The hefty pieces of USDA-quality beef will please the cowboy in you. The 16—and 12-ounce sizes will satisfy most people; however, for those truly hungry, the 22-ounce “Bone-In-Ribeye” is a sight worth seeing.

Chicken: Finger-Lickin’ Good

If you’re looking to be on a lighter path, Texas Roadhouse has chicken dishes that are a bit sexy. For example, the BBQ Chicken is half-chicken coated with that famous smokey BBQ sauce, then roasted to a crisp. You can also opt for Grilled Chicken Salad or Chopped Steak Salad for a taste of freshness. In either case, you will not be disappointed.

Chicken: Finger-Lickin’ Good

Texas Roadhouse aims to satisfy if it’s a rack of ribs, juicy steak, or BBQ chicken. The restaurant has taken out in the best style with its hearty, home-cooked food and relaxed atmosphere. Do yourself a favor, call for an order, and be prepared to enjoy dinner with simple and comfortable meals. Your stomach and wallet will be grateful.

Sides and Appetizers to Order for Takeout

Jalapeno Bacon Fries: Just reading the title may block your arteries, but these hot, delicious fries are worth the risk. Crispy bacon pieces and melting cheddar cheese are sprinkled on jalapenos and French fries. A tip to remember: request more napkins because you’re bound to require them.

Onion Blossom

If you want to feed a tiny group, this Onion Blossom should do the task. An entire onion is battered before being fried to a golden brown and then served with a Ranch dressing to dip. The outside is crispy and soft on the inside; this enormous pile of onion is ideal for sharing. You can choose to share it or not. We won’t be judging.

Cowboy Corn

On the Cob Cowboy Corn receives a Texas-sized makeover using cheese, butter, and bacon. Corn that has been grilled is coated in garlic herb butter and Monterey Jack cheese then garnished with bacon bits that have been crisped. It’s sweet, delicious, spicy, and salty in a single bite.

House Salad

In an ocean of delicious, hearty choices, The House Salad is a welcome relief. Crisp lettuce, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, shredded cheddar cheese, and croutons are served with the preferred dressing. Lighten up with Ranch and Honey Mustard, or fully take on Texas using the Chili-Lime Vinaigrette.

When catering to a big crowd or simply looking to eat a hearty meal, The Texas Roadhouse’s selection of sides and snacks has everything you need. From oozy cheese fries to corn grilled with cobs, these delicious dishes are ideal for taking away and will satisfy anyone’s desire. Be sure to reserve space for your main meal!

Getting the Best Value With Takeout Bundles

There’s a craving for some BBQ, but you need to feel like battling the crowds or working out how to handle the children at the restaurant. Sometimes, takeout is the best option. However, if you plan to go without the thrill of dining the food at Texas Roadhouse, at least ensure you’re getting the most bang on your dollar.

Feed the Whole Family

These Family Bundles are when you’ve got an entire family to serve. The package includes two pounds of freshly cut steaks (we’re speaking of Ribeyes, Strips, or Filets), four sidekicks you choose, a large honey wheat bread you adore, and four salads. Add some loaded baked potatoes or the cinnamon honey butter rolls, and it’s a complete meal. For just $50, you will not be able to beat it.

Feed the Whole Family

Leftovers for Days

Perhaps it’s all you and your companion, But you’re still looking for alternatives. Let us know. This Steak Lover’s Bundle includes a pound each of Ribeye and Sirloin. You can also choose two of the sidekicks, a salad, and a loaf of bread. For $35, you’ll end up with enough leftovers to last two dinners. Make sure to invite us in as you cook it for the second time!

A Little Bit of Everything

Are you unable to decide on what you’re in the mood to do? Take the Texas-sized sampler and a small amount of all of it. Half-pound of each Ribeye and chicken with two sides, a salad with bread or an appetizer (we recommend the fried pickles), or dessert to enjoy with your friends. Isn’t that a complete food? At just $30, your pocket will be happy, too.

The value of eating at Texas Roadhouse Takeout Menu is unbeatable, but sometimes, you’ll want the convenience of ordering takeout. With shared portions and prices that won’t be a burden on your budget, it’s impossible to be disappointed with any of the takeout bundles. Contact them beforehand or place an order through their site, and your barbecue meal will be ready to go home in a flash. We’ll not tell anyone there was no time to cook!

Texas Roadhouse Takeout Menu FAQs

What is the reason everything is sold in half or a dozen?

As Texas Roadhouse only sells high-quality cut steaks that are hand-slit, the portions aren’t pre-portioned so that you can eat them at your own pace. You’ll need to determine the quantity of delicious sirloins and ribeyes you will put onto the grill. It’s a good idea to buy an additional one, as your drunk uncle Terry will likely beg for more.

Do they offer other products besides red meat or potatoes?

Some savory menu items like chicken and salads are available for vegans wandering through the Texas Roadhouse. However, let’s face it: the sole reason to order takeaway here is some steak. If you’re looking to have an unbalanced meal, go to Sweetgreen.

What makes them such an enormous size?

The size of everything is more remarkable in Texas, especially in the size of portions. They could provide an entire army. Baked potatoes are approximately as big as the head of a human. Make sure you have your plans in advance for the steaks because the leftovers will last throughout the day. Make sure you have a full stomach and a hungry appetite.

Do you qualify for discounts for eating meals in the parking lot?

Although a night out at the park will create a Wild West ambiance, Texas Roadhouse does not offer discounted parking. We suggest that you take the Pecan Porterhouse and loaded Rattlesnake Bites inside. But they won’t stop you from listening to Willie Nelson while you chow down on your pick-up truck. Yeehaw!

Texas Roadhouse aims to serve generous portions of top-quality comfort food at an affordable cost. Takeaway menus are ideal for large eaters, steak fans, or anyone who wants to experience Southern hospitality. Sit down; your meal is waiting!


There you go. I hope you enjoy it. Texas Roadhouse may not be a 5-star restaurant and isn’t the most luxurious. Still, if you crave food that’s home-cooked, the takeaway menu at Texas Roadhouse has plenty of options for you. with juicy steaks, melt-in-your-mouth ribs, and tasty sides such as cinnamon butter roll that’ll cause your eyes to roll too. You’ll live big in the privacy of your home. Ensure you keep an extra set of wet napkins for all those delicious food items and buttery rolls. There’s a chance that everything will be messy. The mess you make is taking your takeaway right. Don’t be afraid to slop it up. Napkins are not your friend! The Texas Roadhouse takeout menu is an absolute finger-licking good moment.

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