Texas Roadhouse Lunch Special: Saddle Up for Midday Magic

It’s noon, and your spurs are jingling for some down-home grub. Wait, to reach for the tumbleweeds – mosey on down to Texas Roadhouse for a midday meal that ’ rustle your taste buds. Their lunch specials are like a cattle drive for your stomach, stampeding with flavors at prices that won’t break your saddlebags. So grab your ten-gallon hat and shine up that belt buckle because this Texan eatery has vittles so delicious that you’ll holler yippee-ki-yay! ” as you ride off into the sunset with a full belly and a heart happier than a hog in slop. Get ready to chow down, cowpoke!

An Overview of the Texas Roadhouse Lunch Menu

Steak and Potatoes, Hold the Mortgage

Want to saddle up for a midday feast without saddling yourself with debt? The Texas Roadhouse lunch menu has you covered. They offer full-sized portions of their dinner entrees, like fall-off-the-bone ribs and juicy sirloins, for a fraction of the price. Their 8-oz sirloin will only set you back around $10. Pair it with a loaded baked potato for a couple more bucks, and a homestyle lunch that won’t be on the e-bank.

Steak and Potatoes

More than Just Meat

Don’t vegetarians and carb-lovers; Texas Roadhouse has options for you, too. Their lunch-sized salads, like the chili salad or grilled chicken salad, are big enough to share (or keep all to yourself; no judgment here). If greens don’t work for you, grub on fried pickles, chili, or cheese fries. And, of course, no roadhouse meal is complete without fresh-baked bread and cinnamon butter. Your waistline may not thank you, but your taste buds sure will.

A Side of Ambiance

Part of the Texas Roadhouse experience is the atmosphere. Grab a complimentary peanut bucket, shell some peanuts, and make yourself at home. Country music plays while you chow down, and a line dance breaks out every half hour or so. The staff keeps things casual and fun in their button-down shirts and jeans. It’s all part of the down-home charm that keeps people coming back.

A Side of Ambiance

So, mosey, go to your nearest outpost for a midday meal to remember. Their lunch may be accessible in the wallet, but it’s heavy portions, flavor, and good times. Save your loose change—the memories are priceless!

Best Appetizers and Salads from the Texas Roadhouse Lunch Specials

Legendary Rattlesnake Bites

If you want off your midday meal with some heat, the Rattlesnake Bites are just the ticket. These jalapeño poppers wrapped in bacon will set your taste buds ablaze in the best possible way. The melted cheese and sweet chili sauce provide relief from the fiery peppers but don’t have to escape unscathed. A pitcher of ice-cold beer is highly recommended – you’ll need it!

Legendary Rattlesnake Bites

Cactus Blossom

Feeling adventurous? The Cactus Blossom is a mammoth onion flower hand-battered and fried to golden perfection. A whole sweet onion lives underneath the mountain of crispy batter and melted Monterey Jack cheese. Your arteries may protest, but we promise this southwestern take on onion rings will haunt your dreams. The chipotle ranch dressing delivers a creamy and smoky finish to this shareable appetizer.

House Salad

If you’re looking for something lighter, the House Salad is fresh and filling without weighing you down. Crisp greens, shredded cheese, chopped eggs, tomatoes, and croutons—it’s salad. Pair it with your choice of zesty ranch, honey mustard, or vinaigrette, and you will have a to your main dish. Sometimes, less is more, especially when you’ve got a you’ve-full steak on the way!

House Salad

Top Texas Roadhouse Lunch Entrees Under $10

Lunch Entrees

Cactus Blossom$6.99
Fried Pickles$4.99
Rattlesnake Bites$5.99
Tater Skins$6.99
Grilled Shrimp$6.99
Boneless Buffalo Wings$8.99
Cheese Fries$7.99
Killer Ribs$9.99
Texas Red Chili (Cup)$2.99
Combo Appetizer$9.99


The Not-So-Petite Sirloin

Forget dainty lunches—this is Texas, you ally’all! Digally’all6-ounce sirloin steak that’s anything that’s petite. Seasoned and seared to perfection, this hunk of beef is lunch fit for a cattle rancher. At just $8.99, the price is also suited for those on a ranch hand’s budget-loaded baked potato or cheesy corn on the cob, and you’ll have significant cowboy cred. Giddy up!

Rattlesnake Bites

No snakes were harmed while making this dish. “Rattlesnake “sites” are jalapeñ” peppers stuffed with cheese and bacon, then breaded and fried. At $6.99, these spicy morsels will kick you without breaking the bank. The bites have a cooling side of ranch for dipping, so you can turn up the heat and dial it back. Yeehaw!

Chicken Critters

“Chicken Crit “ers are popcorn chicken, roadhouse style. Plump chicken breast pieces are battered, breaded, and fried until golden brown. A $7.99 basket comes with fries and honey mustard for drizzling. Feeling sassy? Get an order of “Road Kill”—chili, cheese, onions, and jalapeños—to pour over the top. Mighty tasty creatures, indeed!

Chicken Critters

With a relaxed vibe, kitschy decor, and portions as significant as the state itself, Texas Roadhouse is where whimsical lunch adventures happen. Belly up to the bar for a hearty meal that’ll put you in your step for the rest of the workday, partner! There’s no siThere’seded after one of these midday feasts.

Lighter Lunch Options: Healthy Salads and More

So longing for some incredible midday magic at the Roadhouse, but I’m not saddling up for a whole steak. No worries, Pa. They’veey’veyou covered red. The salads here are more than just mere rabbit food.

The Cobb Salad

Carnivore’s isn’t your mama’s isn’tain’tCobb smama’sChock full of chopped hard-boiled eggs, juicy grilled chicken, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, and avocado, it’s a veritait’s protein-packed party on your plate. The creamy herb vinaigrette pulls it together for a forkful of cold-cut bliss in every bite. At 730 calories, it’s a light ingredient that satisfies like a full meal.

Black and Blue Salad: Battle of the Berries

If you like a little sweetness with your heat, the Black and Bleu are calling your name. Grilled steak, bleu cheese, candied nuts, and dried cranberries combine with mixed greens and a blackberry vinaigrette. At 630 calories, it’s a berry-it’scious fight to theberry-deliciousIt’s finish. The dressing gives it a tart, tangy kick that cuts through the richness of the bleu cheese.

Black and Blue Salad

House Salad: Simple but Supreme

Some days, you want to keep it simple. The House Salad is a no-fuss option with mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, shredded cheddar, and croutons. Tossed in your choice of dressings, like Ranch, Honey Mustard, or Thousand Island, it increases 450 calories. Plain it isn’t, but it lets the fresh ingredients shine through without much adornment.

Whether wearing you’re waistline or wanting something lighter, Texas Roadhouse has salads with personality. They also come with that signature Roadhouse bread to sop up any leftover dressing. Saddle up and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Texas Roadhouse Lunch Special

What are those lunch combos?

The lunch combos are Texas Roadhouse’s roadhouses you in for a midday meal you will remember. Choose from won’t various entrées like hand-cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, or chicken critters, and you’ll get one of two sides to complete your Wild West feast. They’re giving away at these prices, so giddy up!

How much food are we talking about here?

Let’s Roadhouse diTheLet’sdn’t get it didn’t by skimping on portions. Each entrée satisfies any ranch hand; the sides are big enough to share with your posse. If you’ve got a you’ve leg, go ahead and fill ‘it up. But for the rest of us ordinary folk, save some room for their homemade rolls with cinnamon honey butter. Your belt buckle will thank you.

What’s the what’s the peanuts?

The complimentary peanuts are Texas Roadhouse’s sRoadhouse’sdy, part” r!” Have a seat” and toss those shells on the floor—it’s all part of the experience. Just don’t go hog, don’t, and start pelting your neighbors. Use your inside voice and indoor manners, please. The shells are meant to be crunched, not weaponized.

How’s the show’s

The servers at Texas Roadhouse are as friendly as a spring day is long. Don’t be surprised if your waiter pulls up a chair for some casual chitchat about the specials. They’re on a They’re to make you feel right at home, so kick back and enjoy being fussed over for a change. Need a refill or extra napkins? Just give a little wave, and someone will come running to cater to your every whim. Now that’s what I service, and I am fit for a king! Or, in this case, a cowboy.


So there you have it, cowboy. You have the wild frontier of Texas Roadhouse Lunch Special and discovered a tasty treasure trove of grub that’ll make that kick up your boots and dose round heir hand-cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and made-from-scratch sides are like a cattle drive for your taste buds – rounding up deliciousness with every bite. You may need a post-lunch siesta to recover from the food coma. But one thing’s for flavors this finger-lickin’ finger-lickin’ sound, your finger-lickin’ finger-licking ‘l be accurate you’ll saddle up again tomorrow for a return trip to the Texan tablelands.

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