Texas Roadhouse Menu Prices in 2024

You walk through Texas Roadhouse wearing those well-worn cowboy boots and a hat that holds 10 gallons, waiting to get your horse to the dining area and eat all the peanuts in your body. However, one glance at the price of the menu, and you’re singing along to a sad cowboy song. We get it, pardner. Inflation is pounding the trails hard; you’re wondering whether your budget can pay for a giant Lone Star State steak meal. However, don’t go back to the ranch for a while. Here’s the scoop on the menu at Texas Roadhouse in 2024 to help you decide whether this is the best place to have a good time without squandering your money. Get comfy and get reading and cattleman. This article will show you how much an excursion to the saloon will cost you over the next few weeks.

Overview of Texas Roadhouse Menu and Prices

We’ll be honest; it will be something other than Texas Roadhouse for the ambiance. There’s a massive selection of steak and barbecue, and the belt buckle will handle all the fixings. When 2024 rolls around, Texas Roadhouse menu prices will cause your credit card to go through the roof, but you’ll be able to taste and be awestruck.

Appetizers: Where Value Goes to Die

You can find the regular bloomin’ onions for $9.99; however, why do you need to fill with fried food in a place where half-pound burgers and 16-ounce ribeyes are available on the menu? If you must eat before your main course, stick to your choice of $6.99 chili or the house salad.

Steaks: Go Big or Go Home

In 2024, an 8-ounce sirloin costs $15.99, and a bone-free ribeye costs $23.99. However, you weren’t at Texas Roadhouse for dainty portions. Take advantage of the porterhouse of 20 ounces ($27.99) or the bowie knives ($29.99). Combine it with a hefty frittata or baked potato for a delicious food to boast.

Ribs & Barbecue: Southern Hospitality

Ribs half-racks have been priced up to $19.99; however, the complete racks remain the best option for $25.99. Brisket and pulled pork sandwiches can be purchased for $8.99 up to $9.99. Make sure you have room for corn, rolls, coleslaw, and your choice of BBQ sauce.

In 2024, Texas Roadhouse menu prices will provide a new definition of quality for dollars. The size of portions remains monumental. The quality is consistently high, and the side dishes are a splurge. Don’t be afraid to loosen your belts. Bring your appetite, and treat yourself to some finger-licking tasty food—Texas way.

Main Menu Items at Texas Roadhouse With Prices

Appetizers: Enough to Feed a Small Town

At Texas Roadhouse, the appetizers served are large enough for an entire cattle ranch. The pork rinds and the fried pickles can feed a family of four. And the Nachos can be considered an entree. However, if you’re hoping for something to kick off the meal with some ” light food,” you can purchase a salad with a side dish costing around $5. But don’t claim we did not warn you of the portion sizes!

Steaks: Go Big or Go Home

You’ll find the beef here, so spend your money wisely. Go for the 20 oz Porterhouse or ribeye. You’ll be able to have plenty left for your lunch the following day. If you’re careful with your spending and budget, the 8 and 6 1 oz. Sirloin will not break the bank with a price of less than 15 dollars. For the sake of everything holy, grab the loaded baked potato with it if you’d like to.

Ribs: Fall-Off-The-Bone Good

Do you prefer steak or ribs? Texas Roadhouse has you covered. The full rack of succulent baby back ribs covered in their homemade BBQ sauce is an incredibly messy and delicious meal for less than 25 dollars. For those with a smaller appetite, half racks will suffice. Make sure you have a bib on, and bring clean wipes!

And the Rest…

The menu includes classic American dishes such as catfish, pulled pork, and chicken. Salads, salads, and rolls are offered with each dinner in the accurate Southern way. Make sure to have pecan pie made from scratch and fruit cobbler or even an ice cream dessert. The meal on an ice cream note!

All in all, Texas Roadhouse covers your needs for comfort food. Bring your appetite and guests, and set out to enjoy a delicious, satisfying dinner at an affordable price. For the reason that in Texas, the saying goes, “Go big, or go home!”

Texas Roadhouse Kids Menu Prices

“Kids these days, am I right?”

Rugrats of the smallest size can take a bite for free on the menu at Texas Roadhouse. At least, you’ll get away from your hair for a good hour. The “Kids’ Menu” features cheap food items that will keep your feet busy and allow you to enjoy peace and silence.

“If they eat all their veggies, they get a toy.”

With just $5.99 for your child’s meal, they can eat an entree such as Mac and cheese, Chicken Tenders, or the miniature Corn Dog, plus they can choose from a variety of options such as Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli, and fresh Fruit. And the best part? Their meals come with a drink of choice or milk and an ice cream sundae to finish off the meal. I hope all the sugar is enough to help them sleep on their way back home!

“You should order from the Kids’ Menu, too, at these prices!”

If you’re a parent with more than two children, you may want to order the “Kids’ Adventure Pack”, priced at $14.99, comprising four main dishes, two side dishes you can share, and the most delicious sundaes. The server will also hand out crayons and an activity guide to keep your little ones engaged. To save $1, you can swap your sides with fries or onion rings. There’s no reason to be judged when you “share” their sundaes!

“No electronics required”

The most appealing part of this menu is the Texas Roadhouse Kids’ Menu. No phones, tablets, or other electronic gadgets are required to keep your children entertained throughout the meal. With the coloring pages, inexpensive (and child-friendly) menu options, and desserts, your kids will be delighted by the traditional method. So you can relax, take in your steak, and drink tranquillity. Ahh, bliss!

We hope this will give you the appetite you need and allow you to spend time away from your kids! You’re welcome.


That’s it. I hope you enjoy it. Another year has passed, and yet an additional round of cost increases in your favorite steakhouse chain. Do you think the craziness will ever stop? It’s unlikely. If there’s a lot of inflation, Texas Roadhouse will keep looking for new ways to ease our pockets. It’s probably time we could learn how to cook our steaks in our kitchens – or discover a watering hole that doesn’t drain our accounts nearly as quickly. Let’s face it: there’s a good chance we’ll return to Texas Roadhouse later or sooner. The rolls are too addictive to stop. Be sure to take your credit card because you’ll require it. Enjoy your meal!

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