Texas Roadhouse Specials Day: Get Your Fill of Deals

Well, howdy partner, it looks like you moseyed on down to the right waterin’ hole if you’re fixin’ for some Texas Roadhouse specials. Saddle up to the table and prepare to chow down because it’s Specials Day at the Outback Steakhouse of the Lone Star State. I hope you brought your appetite and coupon-clipping fingers because, between their famous rolls and icy marks, they’re servin’ up more deals than a cattle rancher at a livestock auction. With specials ranging from fall-off-the-bone ribs to melt-in-your-mouth steaks, you’d be nuttier than a pecan pie not to take advantage. Just make sure to leave room for some honey butter.

Texas Roadhouse Specials Day Menu

Texas Roadhouse Specials Day is your chance to get severe deals on all your cowboy cuisine favorites. We’re talking fall-off-the-bone ribs, juicy steaks, and all the fixin your little heart desires.

Texas Roadhouse Specials Day MenuPRICE
Sirloin Steak Dinner (6 oz.)$8.99
Road Kill Dinner (10 oz.)$8.99
Country Fried Sirloin Dinner$8.99
Grilled BBQ Chicken Dinner$8.99
Country Fried Chicken Dinner$8.99
Chicken Critters Dinner$8.99
Pulled Pork Dinner (Early dining)$8.99
Grilled Pork Chop Dinner (Single)$8.99
Chicken Caesar Salad (Early Dine)$8.99
Grilled Chicken Salad (Early dining)$8.99
Chicken Critter Salad (Early Dine)$8.99

Kick things off with an appetizer like the Holy Trinity – fried pickles, mushrooms, and jalapeños. Your taste buds will thank you, even if your waistline won’t. You can’t go wrong with the hand-cut steaks, aged and seasoned to perfection for the main event. The ribeye will make you weep tears of joy, and the fillet is so tender you can cut it with a frown.

fried pickles

If beef isn’t your bag, baby, they’ve got you covered. The honey BBQ chicken and grilled shrimp are finger-lickin’ good too. And I don’t remember the sides – mashed potatoes, sweet corn, rolls with cinnamon butter. Your belly will be bustin’ at the seams before you know it!

Grab an ice-cold beer from their selection of over 100 kinds of bottled and draft suds to wash it all down. Or kick back with a signature margarita made with Cuervo Gold tequila and Cointreau. After a meal like that, you’ll be doing the Texas two-step all the way home!

Gold tequila

So round up your posse and mosey to Texas Roadhouse for Specials Day. With deals this good, you’d have to be nuttier than a pecan log to pass them up. Saddle up, partners. It’s goingIt’s time!

Top Deals and Promotions on Specials Day

You’re in luck if Roadhouse’sxas Roadhouse’s hand-cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and made-from-scratyou’rees. On Specials Day, the deals are as big as the portions.

First up, load up on appetizers. We’re Offering fried pickles, cheese fries, onion petals, and honey butter croissants for the price of one. Because, really, who can choose just one? But pace yourself, cowboy; you’ve got a long night of eating ahead of you.


Next, it’s for the main event. We hope you are well because Specials Day means all steaks are buy one, get one 50% off. From juicy sirloins to buttery filets to ribeyes the size of your head, your perfect cut of beef is calling your name. And don’t forget don’t think that every steak has two sides – we suggest mashed potatoes and green beans.

If steak isn’t your style, the BBQ Combo and Ribs are also available at a discount. We’re Saying those fall-off-the-bone ribs with sweet and spicy BBQ sauce are pretty hard to beat.

spicy BBQ

To wash it all down, draft beers, well-drinks, and margaritas flow freely. But go ahead and grab a few buddies to split one of those fishbowl-sized margaritas – after all, everything’s in Texas, right?

By the time you waddle out of there with a belly full of steak, a slight buzz, and the stench of BBQ smoke in your hair, you’ll realize that Specials Day only comes around once a month. Your waistline (and wallet) will thank you. But until next month, happy eating! You all come back now, you hear?

When Is Specials Day at Texas Roadhouse?

You Can’t-Miss It

SpCan’tecials Day at Texas Roadhouse—it’s not an old day. It’s chock-full of deals that’ll have you shuffling out the door with a full belly and a lighter wallet. When is this magical day, you ask? The last Thursday of every month. That’s 12 days a year; you get to glut yourself on discounted grub at your favorite “road” use” (do “people even say that anymore?).

A Feast Fit for a (Bargain-Hunting) King

What’s a menu? Pretty much anything that is still up. Appetizers, entrees, sides—you name it, they deal with it. We’re We’reng $5 appetizers, $10 entrees, $3 sides. At prices like that, go ahead and get one of everything. You have a month to work it off for the next Specials Day!

$10 entrees

Just Don’t Don’tte

Word to the wise: get there early. As in before the doors even open. The parking lot will fill up faster than your grandpa at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Everyone and their brother shows up for Specials Day. Come hungry and ready to throw some elbows because where there are deals this good, there are crowds.

baked potatoes

Specials Day only occurs once a month, so make the most of it. Fill up on peel-and-eat shrimp, 6-ounce sirloins, and loaded baked potatoes. Take a doggie bag (or three) home. Heck, bring the whole family—you can afford to feed the neighborhood at these prices! Just don’t forget the wet wipes. You’reYou’reYou’re going to need them.

How ‘to Take Advantage of Texas Roadhouse Specials

So you’ve been able to indulge in some Texas Roadhouse specials, have you? Well, aren’t you the savvy consumer? First, you need to know that Texas Roadhouse runs specials every day of the week. But some days are more memorable than others.

Mondays: Kids Eat Free

Mondays are your jam if you’ve heard of hungry ankle-biters to feed. With each adult entree purchase, kids ten and under get a free entree from the kid’s kid’s. Enjoy your steak while the youngins chow on free chicken fingers and mac and cheese. Isn’t life grandAin’t?

Kids Eat Free

Tuesdays: Steak Night

You can nab a six- or 8-ounce sirloin on Tuesdays for just $8.99. They’ll throw in a house salad and a side for free. At that price, you’d not get two. Or three. Go ahead, treat yourself; you deserve it!

Thursdays: Ribs & Steak

Talk about a combo made in heaven. For just $15.99, you can fill up on a half rack of ribs and a 6-ounce sirloin. They’ll pile on wasn’t to come. They’ll feast as if that wasn’t enough. We suggest adding a loaded baked potato and honey-buttered corn on the cob. Your belly and your wallet will thank you.

Ribs & Steak

The point is that Texas Roadhouse practically rolls out the red carpet with specials and deals nearly every day of the week. So check their latest specials calendar and go get your grub on. After all, everything’s in Texas, especially the portion sizes! Leave your diet at the door and come with an appetite. The only thing better than Texas RoadhouRoadhouse’sff-the-bone ribs is paying less than full price for them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Texas Roadhouse Specials Day

Do I have to stuff my face with peanuts to participate?

Only if you want to—those buckets of peanuts are optional. While the salty, shell-cracking snack may be a roadhouse tradition, Specials Day is all about the deals, not the legumes. Pace yourself—you’ve got a long day of eating ahead!

How many rolls can I eat?

You can have as many piping hot, cinnamon sugar-dusted rolls as your heart desires…and your stomach can handle it! On Specials Day, rolls are unlimited. Just wait to finish the freebies before your entree arrives. Pro tip: ask for extra butter to slather on those soft, sweet rolls.

Can I get a “to-go” box f” r leftovers?

Of course! While we encourage you to eat your fill at the restaurant, we understand that our generous portions may defeat even the heartiest of appetites. Doggy bags are not just allowed but expected. Your server will happily provide containers so you can enjoy your leftovers for days to come.

Do you have any lighter options for watching my waistline?

We appreciate your concern for health and fitness; however, Specials Day may not be the best time for restraint or moderation. That said, we do offer grilled chicken and fish, as well as side salads to balance out your meal. If you do overindulge, double up on your workout the next day! Everything is in moderation…even moderation.

How do you have room for dessert after all that food?

We admit that tackling one of our decadent desserts after a full Specials Day meal is a challenge only for the bravest (and hungriest!) souls. However, options like our Triple Chocolate Meltdown or Pecan Praline Cheesecake may be too tempting for those with an insatiable sweet tooth and a cast-iron stomach. If you can’t decide between salty and sweet, might we suggest pairing your dessert with a cold beer? It’s a perfect ending to an ideal Specials Day!


So, there you have it, you connoisseur of discount dining. Texas Roadhouse Specials Day is rolling out the red carpet and setting a place at the table just for you on Specials Day. Dust off your embroidered snap-button shirt, break out the fancy cowboy boots and mosey on down for a fill of fall-off-the-bone ribs and hand-cut steaks without breaking the bank. You have a reservation to indulge in all your downhome favorites while getting ready, but you best hustle before the vittles vanish because these deals are rarer than a sun shower in the desert. Saddle up to the trough soon before you miss the chance to fill your belly on the cheap at Texas Roadhouse Day.

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